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Streamline your processes, redeploy resources, increase your margins.

Intelligent Workflow Automation & eBusiness Management Solutions for the Enterprise

Via a single platform, W3 offers its customers with intelligent CRM, eCommerce, eMarketing, ERP, Quote to Order to Invoice Management, CPQ, eProcurement, Salesforce Management, Workflow Automation, Client-side & Supplier-side Integration and so much more...

Customer & Data Centric

If you're looking for a reliable way to QUICKLY & EASILY integrate ALL your data into a singular, contextual, agile platform that works with ALL the Tech you already have in place and as a BONUS, make it EASIER on customers to do business with you, then the iConnect eBusiness Suite is the Solution you've been looking for.

  • Make it easier on customers & prospects to do business with you.
  • Customer focused portal integrates with your legacy systems and cloud-based services.
  • Gain better visibility into and across your disconnected business processes.
  • Improve your quote to Order to Invoice processes.
  • Improve faster sales cycles
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction.
  • Apply Artificial & Business Intelligence to help you Boost Sales.
  • Streamline & automate your lead generation and marketing activities.
  • Your one-stop window for all Customer Interactions.

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Connect ALL your systems to work better together!

With real-time connectivity & intelligent workflow automation, streamlining and integrating ALL your data silos into a singular, contextual, agile platform that works with ALL the TECH you already have, is EASY when using the iConnect OneView Dashboard.

Using our Business Process Automation as a Service (BPAaaS) and our Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solutions; streamlining, automating and connecting All your business systems together with customers, suppliers, service providers, financial systems, legacy & 3rd party software applications to work better together is EASY with W3.


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W3 provides Business Automation Solutions for every Industry

W3's popularity continues to grow in the following industries:

and many others...

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Turn-key Business Solutions & Popular Add-on Apps!

W3 provides intelligent, real-time business solutions that are delivered as a service (BSaaS) to help organizations streamline, automate and simplify their business processes to run better, faster and further in the cloud.

With W3, transforming your workforce by reducing obstacles, improving efficiencies and helping you do more with less is EASY using W3's BSaaS solutions.

Popular Supplier Solutions (BSaaS):

Popular 3rd Party Software Application Connectors:

Popular Accounting Integration Connectors:

Popular Connectors:

Popular Social Media Connectors:

W3 Plug-&-Play Business Modules

With W3, you can run your entire end-to-end business processes in the Cloud using our Enterprise level platform or you can pick & choose the modules you need and W3 will streamline, automate and integrate them into your existing business processes to function as a fully integrated business workflow solution.

Doing business with W3 is easy, affordable and quick to get started.

W3, the Business Cloud the does Everything!

W3 makes it EASY on organizations to launch their very own W3 powered eBusiness Solution without having to focus on the underlying technology, software, content or resources to run, manage and grow their business better in the Cloud.

Today's MOST Powerful Business Solution as a Service (BSaaS) Platform for EVERY Industry.

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